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Sejong Korean Scholars Letter of Recommendation

The Sejong Korean Scholars Program (SKSP) is an online course that provides students with a broad overview of Korean history and culture. For each term, the program will select 15–20 exceptional high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from throughout the United States to engage in an intensive study of Korea. Top scholars, leading diplomats, and other professionals provide online lectures and engage students in live discussion sessions.

Students also complete weekly readings and assignments and participate in discussion forums, with the coursework culminating in an independent research project. Final research projects will be printed and bound as a journal. Students who successfully complete the course will earn Stanford Continuing Studies Program (CSP) credit and a Certificate of Completion from SPICE, Stanford University.

Selected students will participate in 8 “virtual classes” via the Internet in the Spring Term. Students should be self-motivated, and should expect to allot 4–6 hours per week to complete the lectures, discussions, readings, and assignments.Since this is a distance-learning course, students will have the flexibility to structure the work around their individual schedules. Although intensive, the Sejong Korean Scholars Program will equip participants with a rare degree of expertise about Korea that may have a significant impact on their choice of study and future careers.

Additional information about the SKSP is available at


With the description of the Sejong Korean Scholars Program in mind, please write a letter of recommendation for your student. In this letter, please comment on the following areas:

        • self-motivation and ability to successfully complete a rigorous online course
        • writing and research ability (students will be required to complete weekly written assignments and provide a
          10- to 12-page research paper at the end of the course)
        • personal qualities (e.g., working well with peers, ability to make a positive contribution to a learning
          community, etc.)

Please write your recommendation on official letterhead and submit as a PDF. Please include the following information.

        • Name of student
        • Your title/professional affiliation
        • Relationship to student
        • Number of years you have known the student

Download a copy of the instructions for the Sejong Korean Scholars Program letter of recommendation.